Electronic Car Charging Pile

Floor-Mounted DC Double Gun Charging Pile

Floor-standing DC charging piles are mainly used for DC fast charging of electric vehicles.

It is a charging pile that integrates the functions of charging control and guidance, human-computer interaction control, communication, billing, and metering.It has good dust-proof and waterproof functions, and the protection level reaches IP54. It can work safely indoors and outdoors (with a rain-proof shed).The power conversion unit of the charging pile follows the modular design principle to meet the charging needs of electric vehicles of different capacities.

  • Power:

  • Application:

    Underground garage, large charging station.
  • Instructions:

    Start by swiping a card or entering password, which is convenient and quick, and can be operated by a mobile phone after networking.
  • Product Details
wall dc charging pile detail


40KW, 80KW, 120KW

wall dc charging pile detail

Input voltage

380-480VAC 50/60Hz

Output voltage


Maximum input current

160A, 200A, 200A(single), 80A, 160A, 200A(double)

Charging mode

Household use: Offline swipe card to start, enter password to start
Commercial: online card swipe, online scan code

Communication mode

Ethernet, 4G

Working temperature

-20°C~55°C (-4°F~122°F)

Relative humidity


Protection leve


wall dc charging pile detail

Safety design

Leakage Protection, Overvoltage Protection, Overcurrent Protection, Under voltage Protection, Emergency-stop Protection, Automatically stop charging when fully charged, Short circuit Protection, Over-temperature Protection

Installation method

Floor mounted

Interface number

Two (5 meters long line)



Working environment

Outdoor (with rain shelter), Indoor

Usage situation

Household charging, Commercial charging

  • wall dc charging pile detail
  • wall dc charging pile detail
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